Thursday, September 18, 2014

Pocket Thursday Week 34

Pocket Thursday

Week 34 2014

Today's page was inspired by the products I'm using.  We took these great picture of the kids with all the wildflowers from the monsoons and the paper seemed to go so well with all the colors.
So I started with this paper.
I love the patterned, but I thought it needed some watercolor.  So I added some distress ink and water with a paint brush.
I painted a few of the flowers and leaves on the paper and I also did some drops of color all of the paper.
I love how it turned out!  The rest of the page was pretty straight forward except when I was working I couldn't find one of the pictures I had printed and then found it when I was done with the page, so I had to do some page surgery to fix it and the picture, since I love the pictures from this week.  So here is the complete page.

Here is the title page close up and the watercolor card close up.

Thanks for looking.
Let me know what you think.